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Almost everything in the modern day has an app - whether you’re ordering groceries, picking up medication or looking to travel, you’re likely to come across a fair few. The risk of poor cybersecurity management is very real when it comes to application security, which is why having a strong foundation to work from is essential. 

What we do?

When it comes to application security, many developers opt for preset strategies like SSDLC (Security Software Development Lifecycle) to start building from or safety processes like DevSecOps to maintain their cybersecurity strategy effectively. Many developers choose to follow an AppSec cycle to watch for any imperfections at the application stage, too.


DevSecOps is a stellar choice as this strategy ensures everyone in the relevant organisation has some measure of accountability for cybersecurity. It also encourages frequent testing and revisiting areas that other strategies might leave out. SSDLC ensures that security flaws are spotted early, and provides a great foundation for further security measures to work from.


Once an app developer has introduced proper security measures for their work, it is vital to make sure that these security measures are frequently revisited. Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and security measures need to evolve quicker. Testing methods like static application security testing are ideal for spotting source code flaws that could be fatal.


Generally speaking, proper cybersecurity measures are essential in the modern age for app development teams. No matter your specific niche, it’s important to stay vigilant for cyber threats and keep your strategy fresh whenever possible.

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