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Automotive Security

The automotive industry has seen immense innovation in the last decade, with complete technological overhauls and brand-new consumer options being pushed. While it’s been incredible to see this modern revolution take place, we simply cannot ignore the new cybersecurity risks that have emerged.

What we do?

The rise in eCars - from brands like Tesla, BMW and VW - was incredibly fast, and has left a lot of doors open for potential cyber-attacks. These cars are spectacular from a consumer standpoint, but the threat of entire cars being targeted is something that cyber security professionals have been discussing intently.


Cyber security within the automotive industry has been coming on in leaps and bounds, particularly with the recent introductions of the ISO 21434 and WP 29 regulations from the UNECE. Put simply, these two essential pieces of legislation endeavour to protect eCar development with security and safety in mind. 


Whether you’re an eCar owner, a technology manufacturer or someone who’s optimised their living space by connecting their smart devices to their car, enhancing your cyber security strategy for your automobile is something that you need to be considering this year. 

Penetration Testing

Security Research Automotive ECUs to find Vulnerabilities in

Hardware & Software

Fuzzing Testing

Conduct Fuzzing Testing for Automotive ECUs to find software bugs

Security BY design

Review Security Concepts and Security requirements for new planned Automotive ECUs

Risk Assessment

Conduct a Security Risk Assessment to Automotive ECUs and Concepts

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