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Active Cyber Security Protection

The ultimate cyber Security protection

The basis of our Managed Security Services is the software. It provides protection against ransomware and reports security vulnerabilities as well as potential threats of attack. These alerts are then investigated by our cybersecurity analysts and, if necessary, the analysts then provide you with measures to resolve an anticipated threat. This is called Incident Response Management and is the primary part of our service as a Security Operations Center as a Service. We take care that your computers, laptops, servers or cloud connections remain secure 365 days a year.  

How can we guarantee that this solution fits you?

The Zyberum team has been working in the field of IT security with a focus on cybersecurity for more than 15 years. We are internationally active and, in addition to large corporations in the automotive industry & healthcare, we primarily serve small companies, because it is just as important for them as it is for the big ones to have a Security Operations Center behind them. 

Multi-layered cyber security protection against most known attack vectors

Proactive activities to detect and deal with potential threats

24/7 analysts that monitor your assets for security issues in real time

Fixed monthly costs of a fully IT security for your company

Weekly / monthly reports on all incidents identified and  mitigated

Cyber protection

24/7 monitoring

Fixed costs



IT security service provider from your region:

The Zyberum Cyber Security Firm is your competent partner for modern security technologies based in Hanover and combines transparent direct distribution of IT security products with future-oriented system house services.

MSSP - Managed Security Services

With the Managed Security Services, the Zyberum GmbH takes over the responsibility for defined IT-Security organizational tasks.

Zyberum's IT-security services associate high quality and efficiency through field-tested IT security services with customer proximity, reliability and customised solutions on site.

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