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Industry 4.0

If your role involves operational technology, chances are that you’ll already understand the vital nature of a proper cybersecurity strategy. It’s an industry that’s highly monitored in 2021, with the recent introductions of regulations like IEC 62443 for power plant operators, for example. This level of scrutiny should apply to OT cyber security, too. 

What we do?

One of the main categories to note is industrial OT. It’s referred to in the sector as Industry 4.0, which is a nod to the fourth industrial revolution and the speed of innovation in this niche.


Proper cybersecurity in industrial OT is a must, as devices like PLCs and systems like SCADAs can be high risk. Also, IoT devices can be a hazard if not properly monitored, due to issues like attacks from artificial intelligence based sources and botnets. IoT devices can be immensely helpful in the workplace, but they must be set up and maintained effectively. 


Critical infrastructure OT requires a keen eye for cybersecurity too, to ensure that everyone from energy suppliers to traffic regulators can operate with complete confidence and minimal risk. KRITIS workers provide some of the most essential supplies on our planet, so reducing the risk of DCS or SCADA systems being hacked is vital.

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